Anete and Ben Wedding :: Wisconsin wedding photographer

That was amazing rainy day in Wisconsin. 

Girls Started wedding day at local farmers market just because they wanted to choose own flowers and make own bouquets. Very neat Idea.

Boys were being boys running around and goofing until last minute.  

At the moment wedding ceremony supposed to start, rain started as well. 

And they had ceremony under umbrellas. It did not ruin the joy wedding guest had to see these 2 finally getting married. 

After that festivities started. Did I mention all the relatives from far away countries who did not make to Wisconsin were able to see it online. 

Since Anete and Ben met at MSOE there were many college friends and even some teachers between guests.

Nigh ended with Latvian tradition where all guests performed brides initiation to wife and grooms initiation to husband. 

Why ditch Tradition?

Why Ditch Tradition?

There is one thing, in my 5 years of wedding photography experience, that I would love to advise my couples during the planning stages of their wedding - shoot the bridal session an hour before the ceremony. There are many benefits to choosing a “First Look” (that’s what I call it) session at your wedding over the traditional Bride and Groom see each other for the first time at the ceremony.

The main reason is the moment shared between the Bride and Groom on their wedding day with nobody else around. I usually position the Groom, all dapper in his tuxedo, with his back to where the bride will approach while I am off at a distance. The Bride, with her hair and make-up freshly done, can tap the Groom on the shoulder or do whatever comes spontaneously to her to get his attention. I usually allow the Groom plenty of time to adore his beautiful new Bride in her gown for the first time. While my couple is enjoying the moment, whispering sweet nothings, I capture this from afar, for as long as it takes. Then we all meet up and get on with the couples pictures. I find that I can be more creative with this session and there are more location options. 

The Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower girl, Ring-bearer, Parents and Families can be incorporated into this session as well. Then everybody from the session goes to the ceremony, where all guests will be gathered for the occasion. Upon completion of the vows, there are very few shots to be taken. Fifteen minutes of pictures with the officiant of the wedding and the extended family members and you are done. Most Brides and Grooms never see the cocktail hour (except in photographs), but this way the whole Bridal Party and family members catch most of this time with their guests.

With all the planning that goes into a wedding, the “First Look” session should be considered as an option. Primarily for the time alone spent between the Bride and Groom without distraction or interruption. A side benefit of this sessions’ timing is that both the Bride and Groom are fresh from the powder room during the shots, not post ceremony shots (sweaty, mascara running, wind blown, etc.).

Enjoy your cocktail hour,

Inta G.

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Wedding photographers red flags

One of my brides  I photographed a couple years ago asked me for an interview on topic, red flags that wedding photographers see on wedding day, indications of short marriage.

I did think for couple seconds and told her that I will disappoint her, not because I do not want to tell, or I’m so ignorant that I do not see red flags, but I do not know any of my couples getting divorced.

Maybe there are some, but as far I know they all are still married, many of them stay in touch with me and nowadays with social media, it is even easier than before.

I have families that lost newborn babies to illness, lost jobs, careers, etc…But they still are together. 

I started to think why? Why couples I photographed are still together.

Maybe because most of my couples are madly in love and down to earth :) 

How did they pick me as their wedding photographer? No clue, but I’m so lucky to have best couples ever. 

I hope they picked me because my pictures tell their love story and how much I love my job. 

Maybe because I tell them I do not overbook myself, in order to give full attention to them, so I do not burn myself out and lose my creativity.

I do not book more then 20 weddings a year, every wedding is special to me, each couple is unique. Wedding day for them is SO remarkable and my job is to document it. I’m equally excited to photograph a wedding at The Addison, The Old fish house, Jupiter Lighthouse or just a simple beach wedding. 

Maybe there were no red flags of failing marriage because my couples were realistic in their hopes, goals and dreams; down to earth and deeply in love  with strong family values.

So why did they pick me?

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