Year 2015 in my Florida wedding photography

Part 1

Every year I run parade of MY favorite pictures of weddings I photographed during this year.

I does not mean they always are clients favorites.

reason why i pic particular pictures? I think there is generally only 2 reasons, either I see and remember emotional moment from that particular wedding or picture illustrates my grows as photographer. This year i photographer all kind of weddings starting from just short ceremony in court house and photoshoot afterwards to the lashes wedding in Breakers, FL. This year i had that great chance shoot two times in my fav wedding spot The Addison. Love that location and stuff. 

My favorite pictures are not picked based how expensive or fancy wedding was but emotions what the pictures carry :) 

For technical reasons I had to redo my whole wedding site and unfortunately I will not be able to show you comparison from last year what I would usually do.