Gender announcement session

Never done gender announcement sessions and this was first. 

I was trying and rehersing for this for couple days.

Now pictures are here for you to judge, did I succeed or failed 

but before session there was some preparation and homework. I made my own colored powder and did rehearsal shots to practice powder blowing :)))

yes, I know it looks much cuter in her pictures, but that is why I did rehearse to know how to blow powder professionally :))) 

But Jokes on side- Congratulations H and N.

I really enjoy seeing your family growing.

Ps. I did photograph H and N wedding :)) 

Second shooters and asssistants gallery :: florida wedding photographer

During many years being wedding photographer in Chicago and Florida i collecter quite a big collection of portrites of peoples who stand in for light test before familly formal pictures usually taken at chur or other difficult light sytuations.  I think  its is about time to start new gallery. It will be callled "people who stand in for light tests" Lets start with this lovely lady from last weekends wedding in Palmetto Bay Miami. #florida_wedding_photography

Wedding day photography coverage will be published later.

I just can tell bride was beutifull and sweet :)

Palmeto bay  

Palmeto bay


Year 2015 in my Florida wedding photography

Part 1

Every year I run parade of MY favorite pictures of weddings I photographed during this year.

I does not mean they always are clients favorites.

reason why i pic particular pictures? I think there is generally only 2 reasons, either I see and remember emotional moment from that particular wedding or picture illustrates my grows as photographer. This year i photographer all kind of weddings starting from just short ceremony in court house and photoshoot afterwards to the lashes wedding in Breakers, FL. This year i had that great chance shoot two times in my fav wedding spot The Addison. Love that location and stuff. 

My favorite pictures are not picked based how expensive or fancy wedding was but emotions what the pictures carry :) 

For technical reasons I had to redo my whole wedding site and unfortunately I will not be able to show you comparison from last year what I would usually do.

my fresh start

Sometimes things happened for reason and in the wedding season...or engagement season...but in a season :))


This is end of the year of 2015...interesting year... 

I reevaluated my abilities, learned a lot, got disappointed in people, found my voice, I did grow a lot this year. 

and right at end of the year one more disappointment what i will turn to bonus. People who trusted to host and keep my website up and running did not fulfilled given promises, and now im at point 0, start, beginning. new site, new concept new trust. 

Looking forward to new fresh start! 

Addison wedding :: Boca Raton Wedding photographer

Addison wedding....From the moment you enter the Addison’s Banyan covered courtyard, you step into a world where gracious dining and entertaining are always in style. Originally built in 1926 by acclaimed architect, Addison Mizner, the Addison is steeped in Old World elegance and charm.

My couple for this wedding fit in this location as this place would be build for them.

When Bride took out her wedding dress and started to get ready she left me speachless as i would be young girl seeing my dream wedding dress in 5th avenue stores window.

Groom was charming young man with amsingly sweet and funny family. His father was anches to share all photographers secrets with me - his sons wedding photographer. 

The Addison is my most favorite wedding venue. Location, frindly stuff, romantic places for photography and great location for wedding ceremony. 

Thank you Lisa and Jeremaih for trusting me to be your wedding photographer and document your special day. 

West Palm beach wedding photography

Sweet Friday wedding in west palm beach I had my honor to capture these sweet moments at they big day ...such an amazing couple, sweet funny and picture perfect:) Little sneak peak for you guys ! We did little picture taking stroll and time on palm beach island. People who know me knows- its my favorite place for photosessions. Love the old school charm, light and variety of pictures i can get in wery short walking distance. Palm beach wedding :: west palm beach wedding photographer :: Inta G Photography :: 2015:: worth avenue wedding photo session