welcome to my new site

Welcome to my new wedding photographers site and blog.

I followed one of my favorite photographers advice and did switch my website hosting company and so far I can say - I’m so glad I did it.

Set up was so easy and pleasant, Thank you Rob Grim from RGG

After visiting his site you would say - He is not wedding photographer, but that is main reason why I like him. 

He uses light as paint. He is artist. I adore his artistry and his technical knowledge. 

I do study light from non wedding photography and old school painters.  

I love Chiaroscuro style paintings and photography.

For thouse who ask what is - Chiaroscuro? That is an Italian artistic term used to describe the dramatic effect of contrasting areas of light and dark in an artwork, 

It comes from the combination of the Italian words for ”light” and “dark.”

Lets start new year with new site and new dreams!

hugs and kisses 

Inta G