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wedding photography….are you guest or wedding photographer?

 golf club, Florida wedding photographer- golf club, Miami wedding photographer.picAre you guest or wedding photographer?

When we finally will realize that you came to enjoy the wedding and emotions and share this day with newlyweds and leave photographers job to photographer.

I’m reposting one of the fellow wedding photographers video comment explaining why wedding guests should leave phones in their pockets and iPads and cameras in purses or cars or even better AT HOME :)).

Dear Family and friends, please do not ruin brides and grooms days and pictures.

I had guest jumping in front of me during first kiss with big iPad, I had to extend formal picture taking time and beg Church lady to not kick us out from church.  Just because some family members were taking sweet a,… time to take pictures as soon as I pose family during formal picture taking time. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not jelous that somebody is stealing my poses. :) I know my pictures are properly lit and will come out better then iPhone ones.  I had guests asking me to take pictures with her phones during formals. I had guests jumping in front of me and tripping me just to get moment when groom dips bride in first dance. I broke my lens…thanks God my equipment is insured. But is that all necessary? Bride put so much tohghts and money in planning and organizing this day. Apriciate and enjoy! BE guest. I will give you pictures to share next day, just sign up in my mailing list or friend me on Facebook. Honestly I miss thouse days when there was only one guest with “professional” camera …easier to keep track where he is located and easier to avoid him in my shoots.

Yes, I do have a lots of samples with this madness, but I decided to not embarrass  my clients and their guests. Instead I will use my fellow photographers video and opinion to convince you TO ENJOY the wedding ceremony, first dance, cake cutting etc etc and leave photography to photographers. Thank you so much! Have fun at the wedding!