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happy anniversary Jerry and Jade :: Jupiter beach wedding photographer

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3 years ago I broke my tradition and skipped my dedicated driver role for my Irish friends. Yes, i do it every St. Patriks. Drive couple intoksicated fun people around town and take silly pictures. but 3 years ago there was good reason and excuse not to do it. I had that honor and fun to photograph this great couples wedding . I wached how the friendship turned to love between these two …it felt like they were born for each other. Can not imagine better match for my little Jade :))jupiter wedding photography


Love you guys congratulations with 3 years wedding anniversary …100 more to go.

jupiter beach resort wedding photography


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Happy St. Patriks day

What Questions to Ask Your South Florida Wedding Photographer

What Questions to Ask Your South Florida Wedding Photographer

You have spent a great deal of time and effort just to make sure that your wedding day is a success. You want each and every special moment captured, but how can you determine which wedding photographer is right for you? You need to do your homework if you want to make sure that you hire the South Florida wedding photographer that is right for you. Here are some of the necessary questions you have to ask to wedding photographers in your short list.

  • How Do You Spend Your Free Time? – Asking your South Florida wedding photographer this question will yield different answers, but this gives you idea about his/her personality. This allows you to know her more and determine if you have something the same. What a person does during his/her free time reflects to what he/she loves to do and to his personality as a whole. . This is a great way to determine if you and the photographer share the same interests. If you do, then working with him/her is easy as you are comfortable with him/her.
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  • What’s Your Most Favorite Memory at a Wedding? – Asking this question to your photographer allows you to know about her accomplishments. Generally, a wedding photographer’s answer will be about his/her biggest accomplishment in the wedding photography industry. Also, you can have insight on the past projects that the photographer have had done.Jupiter_beach_resort_wedding_photographer.jpg
  • What’s the Worst Thing That’s Happened to You on a Wedding Day? – The answers to this question give you insight about the experience of the photographer. For some in life, each and every person experiences the worst, specifically during important events or occasion. This gives you insight if the photographer is capable of dealing with unexpected things while doing the job right.

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  • What Are You Most Proud Of?! – The answer to this could be about his/her job, family, or anything. The answer that the photographer provides to you can give you insight about his accomplishments in relation to his job as well as his family

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  • Why Did You Become a Wedding Photographer? –  For what reason does he/she becomes a wedding photographer? Does he/she become a photographer because the wedding photography industry is very rewarding? Does the photographer have the passion capturing the most intimate moments between couples, their family, and their guests? A South Florida wedding photographer that has the passion to what he/she do gives you confidence that every intimate moments in your wedding day will be captured as the photographer knows and understands how important this day for you.

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These questions will enable you to get to know your South Florida wedding photographer more. Keep in mind that you will be working with him/her for most of your time, so knowing his/her personality as well as well as his skills and experienced in the right for you. These questions are also good way to determine if your South Florida wedding photographer is professionally skilled and experience allowing him/her to not get awkward during the wedding day, concentrating in taking the most intimate moments on your wedding day.

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